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“It is the brain, not the heart or lungs, that is the critical organ”
― Roger Bannister

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Performance

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If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how to improve your performance, make it to the next level or simply handle stress better or reshape your confidence.

Anxiety, lack of clarity, lack of focus, motivation swings, procrastination, self confidence and many other mental blocks are creating frictions that limit or inhibit performance. 

As an athlete and observer of the best athletes in the world I could see that the best in the world show an unusual self awareness and their real talent is their ability to subconsciously work on their mental frictions. 

Since your subconscious mind governs 90% of your behaviour, aligning your conscious desire and your subconscious programming creates a powerful leverage that enhance your performance. 

I have worked with and interviewed world champions, olympians, olympic medalists, world record holders and you can benefit from my expertise to enhance your performance through mental coaching, NLP and hypnosis. 

Breaking through is probably closer than you think. 


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Resolve the friction and increase your performance

This specific 1 to 1 program focus on conditioning and strengthening your mind towards a specific sport goal you want to accomplish.

  • personalised program (NLP, hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, mental coaching etc) 

  • Daily mental exercises (commitment of 10 min every day) 

  • zoom or physical interaction

  • Unlimited email support

  • On-line support videos and material

  • Full downloadable mind strenghtening sessions

  • 21 days mind on line transformation program included 

  • ​Improve focus and attention

  • Manage pressure & Anxiety

  • Build an unshakable mind

  • Break a threshold

  • Build resilience

  • Build self confidence

  • Build momentum

  • Keep motivation high

  • Bounce back from a set back

  • Use visualisation efficiently

  • Improve life balance as an athlete

  • Mentally deal with injury & recover faster


"Mind your brain program and Olivier's guidance were a revolution in my sport practice at the highest level.
The approach is tailor made and based on enjoyment and will help you in your personal life as well . I recommend 100% "
Thibault Guignes, Professional freediver, French national record holder 
Listen to my conversations with some of the best athletes in the world 

I had the privilege to coach or work with world class athletes and i quickly realised that a key difference between them and the average elite athlete was in their mind. This was their real talent. 

I invite you to listen to my podcast where i interview World Champion, Olympic medallists, Olympians and World record holders and discuss resilience, goal setting, being in the moment, stress management and many other topics about the mind. Sign up to the newsletter and enjoy case studies where i analyse and decipher what makes them so performant in their discipline. 

Get up close and personal with the best athletes in the world, understand their mental patterns and apply them to yourself so you can make the changes you want in your life.