The new 21 days mental transformation course offers 3 weeks of daily guided meditation that follow a specific sequence designed to develop presence, emotional awareness, focus and attention. 

Only 15 minutes a day for a life changing experience. 

Each class comes with a full guided video to explain you what to do. Have a preview here and enrol now to enjoy our special launch price at only 39.90 USD for 3 weeks of full guided meditation and life time access to this course + Many Bonus meditations 


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15 min Mental performance & wellbeing group coaching + 15 min guided meditation 

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21 days to transform your mind through a very specific guided meditation program .

Learn how to be 100% in the moment, emotional awareness & increase your attention



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What separate the best athletes in the world from other elite athletes : their unique mental process. 

get close and personal with the best athletes in the world as olivier deciphers their mental secrets. 


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