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MIND YOUR BRAIN® is a coaching, therapy and education company dedicated to your mental wellness and mental performance 



95% of our behaviour is controlled by our subconscious mind.


Yes, only 5% happens consciously.

If you find yourself anxious, stressed, procrastinating, struggling with self doubts and confidence, sabotaging yourself, hitting the same walls or simply not moving towards the direction you consciously want, the answer is probably in your subconscious. 

Now, imagine your life if your subconscious was fully supporting your goal instead of limiting you. 

This is what happen when your 95% is aligned with your 5%. 

With the right knowledge and approach it is possible to break the undesired patterns of your mind and reprogram yourself.  This is what MIND YOUR BRAIN®  coaching & therapy services propose using NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditation  and other cutting edge technologies 

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MIND YOUR BRAIN®  offers a holistic solution to your struggles. 

If you have a goal, an aspiration, a dream and are ready to take massive and transformational actions, MIND YOUR BRAIN® is for you.


    • Improve focus and concentration

    • Free yourself from pressure and anxiety 

    • Build resilience 

    • Sustain motivation

    • Improve self confidence

    • Master life balance

    • Get clarity on yourself 


    • Improve Focus & Concentration

    • Manage pressure & Anxiety

    • Build an unshakable mind

    • Build resilience

    • Build self confidence

    • Build momentum

    • Keep motivation high

    • Bounce back after a disappointment

    • Improve life balance as an athlete

    • Mentally deal with injury & recover faster

If you have a goal, an aspiration, a dre


MIND YOUR BRAIN®  provides a holistic and permanent solution to your problems so you can live the life you desire. 


After a complimentary zoom assessment and clarifying your desired outcome, we will propose the most appropriate program to create a permanent shift. 

Whatever the modalities we use together, a permanent shift happens when :

AWARENESS  is raised : 

Our subconscious mind governs 95% of our activity and we are largely unaware of our own behaviour, triggers and modalities. 

The first step is to bring you a sharp awareness on yourself and your environment.

CLARITY is built :  

Our subconscious mind is our auto-pilot and we will teach you the technics to give crystal clear instructions to your subconscious mind. 

ALIGNMENT is created :  

Magic really happens when we bring 100% of ourselves into our objective. This life changing event help you to reveal your uniqueness and your very own superpower and align your conscious and your subconscious mind towards your objective. 

You will then be in a strong position to reprogram you subconscious mind with empowering and supporting BELIEF SYSTEM

Through the process we teach you to create the right HABITS that make your transformation permanent so you don't have to think about it and simply let your subconscious mind do the job for you. 

Finally you will learn the secret to build MOMENTUM so you can take your life, your goal to the next level and keep building success after success as personal growth is the secret to happiness. 

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