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Hypno-performance is the advanced tool to unlock your full potential

The subconscious mind governs 90% of your activity. Aligning conscious goals and subconscious programming is the secret to tap into your unlimited potential. 

I have worked with world champions, olympians, olympic medalists, world record holders and you can benefit from my expertise to enhance your performance through hypnosis, mental coaching, NLP and meditation.

As a qualified integrated clinical hypnotherapist i leverage the power of your subconscious mind to create permanent changes that translate in real life performance.  

Hypno-performance is available in french and in english online or in person. 

Breaking through is probably closer than you think. 


tailor made 

we start from your situation, timeline & goal and we work it out from there. 



multi modalities 

While coaching uses cognitive skills only, we work at conscious and subconscious level.


proven results

from world class free-divers, long distance runners to international musicians, i have worked with the best in the world. 


"Mind your brain program and Olivier's guidance were a revolution in my sport practice at the highest level.
The approach is tailor made and based on enjoyment and will help you in your personal life as well . I recommend 100% "
Thibault Guignes, Professional freediver, French national record holder