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Triathlete, mental coach, clinical hypnotherapist and fascinated by the power of the mind.

  • Certified Clinical hypnotherapist 

    • EKAA Integrated clinical Hypnotherapy​

    • IDMHA certified (international dental and medical hypnosis association)  

    • AHA (American Hypnosis Association) professional member

    • Certified specialist in Hypnosis & PTSD (AHA)

    • Certified specialist in pre & post surgery Hypnosis (AHA)

  • Certified NLP master practitioner (IBNLP, SNLP, ABNLP)

  • Certified Meditation instructor

  • Master in Management 

  • Father of 2 amazing kids

  • 3 times Triathlon Asian champion

  • Leader of the Open water swimmers of Hong kong 


I arrived in Hong Kong in 1999 and worked for as a general manager for several French leading brands and retailers before starting my own company in 2012 in the sport apparel industry.

Everything on paper seemed great but internally i was feeling something was off and i struggled with a sens of unfulfillment. 

As i was passionate about triathlon, i naturally thought starting my company in this field was the answer. I got very lucky, met the right partner and got success quickly but still something felt off and i was really wondering what was wrong with me. How could i possibly be complaining now ? And as most people do in that case, i was hiding my feelings. 

My life changed in 2013 as I discovered the power of the mind through conversations with multiple world champions and elite athletes i was working with.

I realised something was different about the way they were listening, thinking, talking and even tough i couldn't tell exactly what it was but i was very intrigued by their mental patterns. 

I decided to learn everything i could about the brain and the mind. My initial objective was to improve my athletic performance but as i embarked in this path, it turned in fact into an extraordinary journey of self discovery. 

I discovered 90% of what we do is governed by our subconscious mind. My first question was : how do i know if my subconscious mind is working for me or against me ? I realised meditation was a very efficient way to develop my sens of self observation therefore raise my self awareness. As i was progressing on this journey i asked myself how i could now change my subconscious programs and free myself from my limiting beliefs and behaviours.  I studied visualisation, neuro linguistic programming and guided imagery. I was gradually finding who i was, setting myself free from everything that was holding me back, getting amazing athletic results in the process (6th place at the Long distance triathlon World championship and 3 titles as Age group asian Champion in olympic distance) and then i discovered hypnotherapy. 

I started hypnotherapy with the wrong idea as i thought of it as a tool to control my mind.

But in fact i discovered hypnotherapy was nothing about controlling our behaviour through mind trickery but instead about understanding the very roots of our issues and changing our emotional response. It is a very powerful way to raise self awareness without the prejudice and biais of our critical filters. Hypnotherapy is an awakening and liberating experience that bring wisdom and align the conscious and the subconscious mind. I got amazed by the results, got hooked and decided to become a clinical hypnotherapist . 

I have since been obsessed with mental health, wellbeing and performance and on a personal quest to raise awareness about the power of the mind and to build comprehensive and practical solutions to help everyone to enhance their life and achieve their dreams.

My passion is teaching, coaching, healing others and sharing my knowledge that our potential is unlimited and that it is possible to permanently break our subconscious limits, build resilience and become the best version of ourselves..

I believe everyone should have access to the best resources to create the ultimate version of themselves where we enhance our life and live according to our full potential.


This is why i created Mind Your Brain.

Looking forward to meeting with you and helping u on your own journey of healing, wellbeing or performance.