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Why is that so difficult to reach our full potential ?

Episode #122 explore the reason we struggle to pursue our dreams and achieve our full potential. What is in the way of achieving success, happiness, wealth ? What is the subconscious process that limit our ability and desire to explore our possibilities ?
The answer might surprise.

0:00 Teaching
14:15 Guided meditation

The reason we don't set healthy boundaries

Episode #120 explores boundaries, investigates their origin and why setting healthy boundaries is essential to our wellbeing.
Olivier explores the role of early childhood in the creation of these boundaries, how unhealthy boundaries manifest and what to do.

0:00 teaching
15:50 meditation

How to get success in motion ?

Episode #119 explores what most of us are doing wrong when we start working on a goal.
Olivier explains how our subconscious self defeating beliefs impact our success and provides a guidance to get success in motion.

0:00 teaching
14:00 meditation

Mental freedom and emotional awareness

Episode #117 investigates the subconscious process of our emotions and explain how our emotions triggers our learned behaviour without our conscious awareness.
We discuss the technique to develop conscious awareness through the observation of our emotion and ultimately find inner freedom.

What is real in your mind ?

Episode #115 explores the nature of reality in our mind, the nature of our thoughts and how we can free ourselves from the distorted lense of the the past.

Body scan 25 min meditation

Episode #114 provides a long 25 min guided meditation.
We start with a body scan and follow with a free observation.
This is designed to improve your focus, attention and ability to be in the moment

An impromptu conversation on compassion

Episode #113 explores compassion, what it really means (it might surprise you) and how to practice self compassion.

How to love oneself ?

Episode #111 explores the question of self love

Find your life purpose with IKIGAI - followed by a guided Ikigai meditation

Episode #109 explores the ancient concept of IKIGAI (the reason for being or sens of purpose).
A practical application to connect with your life purpose.
The teaching is followed by a guided meditation to help you get clarity on your Ikigai
Enjoy :)

How to stay on target ?

Episode #107 explore the mental strategy to stay on target.
Get a clear method to set your goal
Understand the main things to focus on.
Understand why we quit
Followed by a guided meditation to improve focus and concentration

What is an Inner Child ?

Episode #105 explores the concept of Inner Child.
This episode helps you to understand what is happening inside your mind when you struggle to change a behaviour, get anxious for reasons your reason struggle to understand or when you have self esteem issues, eating disorder, addictions and many other problems that Olivier's clients often struggle with.

Flow state explained

Episode #103 provides a detailed explanation of the flow state, this particular time where everything feels effortless and flowing. Olivier explains how to reproduce the flow state.

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