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Anxiety is very common and often treated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and other traditional psychotherapy modalities.
Learning to manage our anxiety is useful but when the root cause is not addressed, anxiety comes back.
Anxiety is a subconscious belief that the worst will happen and that we are not equipped or capable of dealing with it.
Through hypnotherapy we explore the origin of your anxiety and the associated belief, self judgement and bias.
There is always a younger version of you (also called an inner child) who made a self-defeating conclusion and requires healing.
Hypnotherapy provides a safe and controlled environment for this therapeutic regression and healing.
The client can then anchor the new desired response and usually experiences significant and permanent change within a few sessions

Recently on IGTV
If you are considering hypnotherapy, it is essential to find the right therapist.  
Word of mouth, testimonial and reviews are your best source.
Recently, two of my clients shared their Hypnotherapy journeys on @sarahthepivoter podcast. 
If you are wondering what Hypnotherpay can do for your take 5 min to watch this video and schedule your initial consultation. 

Source : Sarah the Pivoter Podcast on IGTV
Read the case study below 

Case Study *

Daniel is a 35 years old male suffering from anxiety for as long as he can remember. While he is doing very well professionally and financially, he is constantly anxious about his future. His relationship with his wife have been affected and he is rarely happy.
He consciously blame himself for his behavior and had tried self-help before (meditation and sport) as well as talk therapy. He struggled with meditation and didn’t see much progress. He was desperate to get out of what he describe as a mental torture chamber.
He decided to try hypnotherapy after a friend talked about her experience with me.

The first session was about exploring Daniel’s issue and helping him to connect with the deepest feeling behind the anxiety. Daniel was naturally anxious hypnosis won’t work on him but I quickly reinsured him with a quick suggestibility test and he had a first successful hypnosis during which he released the tension he had stored in his body for many years. He experienced calm and relaxation for the first time in a long time and we anchored with state through suggestion.
The next sessions were dedicated to exploring and finding the root cause of his anxiety.
On the third session Daniel regressed to a very young version of him who was devastated by his parents’ divorce and felt hopeless. He naturally thought it was his fault and blamed himself for not being good enough. Of course his parents’ divorce had nothing to do with him but a 2 years old couldn’t possibly know that. Once this inner child was healed , Daniel experienced an immediate relief and sense of wisdom. After healing a couple more inner children who had reinforced the same negative pattern Daniel very quickly reconnected with the confident and positive version of himself.
It only took 5 sessions to create this huge shift in Daniel’s life. He is functioning happily in his relationship and feel much more relaxed at work and have a much more balance and healthy life style.

*Case studies are inspired from real client's stories but names and personal details have been changes to preserve confidentiality.  

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