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Confidence & Self esteem

Confidence & Self esteem

There is no doubt you were born full of confidence and self-esteem, unique, lovable and with all the inner resources you needed in life.
You simply need to observe a very young child to notice how they display confidence in everything they do. They don’t mind what other people think. Self-doubt and judgement does not exist for them.
At some point it time though a part of you has started to doubt, self-judge or feel insecure.
It was due to the circumstances of the past and a biased perception of this inner child who made self-defeating conclusion.
Hypnotherapy is very efficient to solve confidence and self-esteem issues as it seeks, finds and heals the root cause of the problem.
Once you heal your inner child and reconnect with your authentic self, confidence and self-esteem issue will belong to the past

Recently on IGTV
If you are considering hypnotherapy, it is essential to find the right therapist.  
Word of mouth, testimonial and reviews are your best source.
Recently, two of my clients shared their Hypnotherapy journeys on @sarahthepivoter podcast. 
If you are wondering what Hypnotherpay can do for your take 5 min to watch this video and schedule your initial consultation. 

Source : Sarah the Pivoter Podcast on IGTV
Read the case study below 

Case Study *

Marc is a 50 years old divorced dad who has been struggling with self-esteem issues for many years. While his work has always been impeccable he missed many promotion and financial opportunities for not daring enough. He is also struggling in his new romantic relationship for the same reason. He recently noticed his behavior started to have an impact on his children and decided it was time for him to change.
He had never dare seeking help from a therapist but he recently watched one of my video and decided to book a consultation.

Marc is very eager to heal and open to the experience which is the ideal mindset for hypnotherapy. The first session was dedicated to investigate Marc personal and family history and understand how his lack of self-esteem was manifesting. After a short conversation on hypnotherapy a suggestibility test and a first diagnosis exercise, Marc went easily into an hypnotic state. I gave him a suggestion to listen for 21 days.
Marc reported feeling more confident on our next session and we dedicated the next 3 sessions to explore and heal the root cause of his issue. Marc connected with childhood memories and realized how his mum controlling and demanding attitude made him feel never enough and constantly doubting his own ability.
Once Marc healed his inner children, he realized mum was doing her best and that it was the only way she knew to protect and love him. He realized it had nothing to do with his own ability and worth. He could now reconnect with his confident self and noticed massive shift in his everyday life.
6 sessions were enough to fully heal Marc and transform his life.

*Case studies are inspired from real client's stories but names and personal details have been changes to preserve confidentiality.  

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