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Eating disorder

Eating disorder

Bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, obsessive and unhealthy relationship with food are very common and often the subconscious response to an unhealed pain. Anorexia requires immediate medical attention and most of the clients exploring hypnotherapy come for Bulimia, Binge eating and obsessive and unhealthy relationship with food.
This latter group is the focus of this post.
Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, distorted body image, constant preoccupation with food and body shape, weight and appearance, moodiness, obsessive and rigid thinking are among the most reported psychological symptoms by my clients.
Many of my clients have reported experiencing phases of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.
Hypnotherapy has a very high success rate treating eating disorder as we can find, explore and heal the subconscious root cause to create a permanent shift.

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If you are considering hypnotherapy, it is essential to find the right therapist.  
Word of mouth, testimonial and reviews are your best source.
Recently, two of my clients shared their Hypnotherapy journeys on @sarahthepivoter podcast. 
If you are wondering what Hypnotherpay can do for your take 5 min to watch this video and schedule your initial consultation. 

Source : Sarah the Pivoter Podcast on IGTV
Read the case study below 

Case Study *

Jennifer is a highly successful 40 years old executive. She is very preoccupied by her appearance and body shape and want to deal with her unhealthy and obsessive relationship with food.
She has tried CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy) to learn ways to deal with her craving and binge eating in particular but while it worked for a while her condition came back with new source of anxiety in her life.
She heard of Hypnotherapy from a friend and since the Covid situation increased her stress, she was more concerned than ever about her situation.

The first session was about exploring her condition, situation and family history. We talked about how eating disorder was often the subconscious response to an inner child trauma and pain. After a successful hypnotic session Jennifer reconnected with her healthy self and recognized she developed a mistrust for her body. I gave her a hypnotic suggestion and invited her to listen to the recording every day for the next 21 days.

While Jennifer anchored more compassion, trust in her body in the following sessions, we explored the appropriate childhood trauma and pain.
She realized how a very young inner version of her was craving for acceptance and love and food became her way to get that.
While she remembered these trauma cognitively she never processed them emotionally nor connected them together.
The shift was very impressive and she reported a complete resolution after only 5 sessions.
She not only solved her relationship with food but also changed the relationship with herself.

*Case studies are inspired from real client's stories but names and personal details have been changes to preserve confidentiality.  

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