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Emotional pain

Emotional pain

Grief, divorce, break up and many other traumatic experience in life usually create an intense sorrow. While time naturally heal the pain it can last unusually long or be so intense it sometimes require external support.
While counselling, talk therapy and Cognitive behavior therapy are extremely helpful to manage sorrow and move forward, Hypnotherapy is often the right approach when the root of the pain is subconscious.
If we struggle consciously to recover from an emotional pain or if the pain becomes unusually intense it is because something at subconscious level as been triggered.
These painful subconscious reaction are usually those of an inner child whose pain has not been healed. As death, divorce or break up happen, the subconscious wound is reopened and it hurts terribly.
Hypnotherapy has a very high success rate treating emotional pain as it not only heal the emotional response but also address the deeper root of the pain.

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If you are considering hypnotherapy, it is essential to find the right therapist.  
Word of mouth, testimonial and reviews are your best source.
Recently, two of my clients shared their Hypnotherapy journeys on @sarahthepivoter podcast. 
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Source : Sarah the Pivoter Podcast on IGTV
Read the case study below 

Case Study *

Kam is a 35 years old female who has just been through a painful relationship. She describes herself as addicted to love and regularly found herself in impossible relationships with men.
Being in a fading relationship with her husband she openly started an intimate relationship with another man but felt in love. Also married, her lover didn’t want to get serious but she maintained this sexual relationship despite being now heart broken, feeling rejected and lost.
A friend of her told her about her hypnotherapy experience with me and Kam decided it was worth trying.
Her pain was so deep she missed the first session and was hesitant hypnotherapy could heal her.
An addiction, whether it is drug, sport, work or love is often the response to a much deeper subconscious pain. It provides a temporary relief but creates a deeper issue in the long term.
The first session was about understanding Kam situation, personal and family history. She described her childhood as extremely happy and loving … except for the heart breaking and unexpected divorce of her parents when she was 6.
She easily got into an hypnotic state despite her fear of being too unstable and anxious.
She realized Hypnosis induces in fact a state of calm and focus I could easily anchor to help her in the future. She released some of her sorrow and found a lot of relief in that first session.
The next session started with an exploration of her childhood and she regressed into the 6 years old who not only traumatically learned about Mum and Dad separation but also got brutalized by dad who couldn’t stand her tears. She connected with this extreme pain, fear and insecurity, realizing for the first time a part of her was feeling hurt, unloved, unlovable and responsible for mum and dad divorce (and whatever it means in terms of insecurity and loss of love and attachment for a very young child).
Hypnosis helped her to release what was stuck for so many years and heal this inner child. She understood the pattern around love in her life and gain instant clarity about herself. By healing her inner child and deconstructing the old subconscious pattern, the adult of today could now make different choice in her life.
She was feeling stable and more clear after 2 sessions and a third session anchored this state and helped her to project her future life.
A lifelong pattern was changed in only 3 sessions.

*Case studies are inspired from real client's stories but names and personal details have been changes to preserve confidentiality.  

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