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Panic attack

Panic attack

You heart is pounding, you can't breathe, and you may feel like you're dying or going crazy. Panic attacks often strike out of the blue, without any warning, and sometimes with no clear trigger. In fact you are not subject to any attack, you are simply experiencing a normal physiological reaction in an abnormal setting. If you were running and experiencing an elevating heartbeat, sweating and change in your breath pattern you would find it normal. This is the abnormality of the environment that trigger the psychological storm.
It might sometimes feel like there is no particular trigger but your mind has made a subconscious association that hypnotherapy is very efficient to find and replace.
It typically takes 2 to 3 sessions to treat panic attacks and a shift is usually perceive right after the first session.

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If you are considering hypnotherapy, it is essential to find the right therapist.  
Word of mouth, testimonial and reviews are your best source.
Recently, two of my clients shared their Hypnotherapy journeys on @sarahthepivoter podcast. 
If you are wondering what Hypnotherpay can do for your take 5 min to watch this video and schedule your initial consultation. 

Source : Sarah the Pivoter Podcast on IGTV
Read the case study below 

Case Study *

Andre is a 35 years old designer who has had panic attack almost every week for the last 10 years. It started while on a trip to China and has never stopped since. He has learned breathing techniques and other cognitive techniques to mitigate the symptoms but he now wants to solve this issue permanently. He struggles with public transportation and can’t get into a tunnel without feeling his heart pounding fast and taking the subway is out of a question.
His psychotherapist recommended hypnotherapy so he decided to contact me.
Andre was very open to hypnotherapy and after a thorough investigation of the timeline of his problem started the process.
As hypnosis creates a state of deep focus and clarity, it was possible to quickly find the hidden root cause his first panic attack : The day it happened, he was on a business trip, had a very early start, didn’t have any breakfast and had an exhausting day at work the day before. This is only when he was sitting in the plane that his body signalled the low blood sugar level by triggering the flight and fight response. A very natural response that took Grant by surprise. As he had no possibility to move and no understanding of the cause for an accelerated heart beat and sweating he could only image he was having a heart attack. Since that day, his brain had made the association that triggered a panic attack anytime he subconsciously detected similar conditions. I used hypnotic suggestion and desensitisation to reprogram the emotional response of his brain.
Using guided imagery, suggestions and repetition it was possible to completely shift Andre’s reaction and set him free from panic attack in 2 sessions.

*Case studies are inspired from real client's stories but names and personal details have been changes to preserve confidentiality.  

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