YES, send me a permanent link to the free online class


As a mental coach and therapist i love helping my clients to transform. 

Unfortunately i can only meet a few clients every day but my classes are an opportunity to help more of you. 

Each class is about 30 min including 15 min coaching and 15 min guided meditation.  

- How to change a behavior ?

- How to change a belief ?

- The truth about procastination

- Basic biology of the brain

- Focus & distraction

- Why do we quit ?

- How to build resilience ?

- How does intuition work ?

- What is anxiety ?

- What is positive psychology ?

- How to develop new thoughts ?

- Being spontaneous

- Cultivating gratitude

- How to open myself to new opportunities

and literally hundred of other subjects helping you with stress, confidence, grit, self awareness, emotion management etc.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday 7.15 to 7.45am 

PS : not sure you can make it ? i am working on a way for your to access all my recordings. Get the permanent link today and i will notify you when replay platform will be available. 

See you soon


experience a session :

how  a behaviour get formed ?

followed by guided meditation from 26.21

YES, send me a permanent link to the free online class