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Sat on the Rocks

Free yourself and start exploring your full inner potential because you deserve it

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Performance

choosing group workshop is a transformational experience that empowers you to make the permanent mental shifts in your life. 

  • half a day to 2 days workshops ( zoom or physical) 

  • max 10 people per workshop for a personalised experience


  • practical tools you can use right away 

  • Unlimited email support after the workshop


  • On-line support videos and material


  • Full downloadable meditation sessions


  • Full 21 days mind transformation online program included 

  • Self hypnosis training included

  • Improve focus & concentration

  • Free yourself from pressure and anxiety

  • Building resilience

  • Improve self confidence

our next workshops

These workshop take place once a month and are designed to bring you the maximum value in a small group for an interactive and transformational experience. 

We don't only bring tools but also explore the root cause of our behaviour so you can be fully equipped to take the next step in your life. 

They are on invitation only for the moment so sign up now to get the information about the next workshops. 

transformational workshop

what do our participants have to say ?



Director at Jump Web Services (CREATIVE DIGITAL AGENCY)

 What a fabulous workshop, I cannot recommend Olivier and "Mind your brain" enough. So interesting and generous ....... so much to take in! Whether for work or personal life, I think what you learn can be applied to all. Visualisation and understanding your limiting beliefs is crucial! Thank you Olivier Courret and Mind your brain.



Athlete lifestyle support Manager (HONG KONG RUGBY UNION)

Thoroughly enjoyed Oliviers workshop. Informative, enlightening, engaging and totally

relevant to moving forward in a positive direction both business wise and personally.

Highly recommended.



Founder of Hong Kong Shift (PHOTO JOURNALISM AGENCY)

I attended Olivier's workshop and really enjoyed it. Olivier is very knowledgeable and his approach is practical and results-oriented. He really goes the extra-mile to make sure each

participant gets the most our of it.



Founder and director of ESCAPADE (SPORT RETAIL CHAIN)

This is a great workshop for everyone - particularly the ones who want to further

themselves and achieve things. What we have learned we can use at work and at home. I really enjoyed the content and the presentation was very easy to understand. Everyone can

benefit from working with Olivier Courret!



General Manager (APAC METHOD)

Energizing to realise how much we actually are in control! Also, I loved how everything is science/fact-based, not too spiritual, grounding my practical mind in a more familiar reality when I am shaking quite a few of my beliefs so, makes it all more actionable. I have started the 30-day visualisation challenge for a week now and have already started to see meaningful changes with less procrastination and improved sleep and simply, feeling better! Thank you to both Olivier Courret and also to the other workshop participants who enriched the interactions and, of course, I highly recommend it!

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Free class

every Tuesday & Thursday 

Free online class

15 min Mental performance & wellbeing group coaching + 15 min guided meditation 

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online course

unlimited access

21 days to transform your mind through a very specific guided meditation program .

Learn how to be 100% in the moment, emotional awareness & increase your attention



inside the mind of a champion

What separate the best athletes in the world from other elite athletes : their unique mental process. 

get close and personal with the best athletes in the world as olivier deciphers their mental secrets. 


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