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Anger management with hypnotherapy

How it started

My first experience with Hypnotherapy was truly healing and empowering. I had the pleasure of working with Olivier over 8 sessions and I feel so blessed for these experiences.

It all started with wanting to deal with my anger in a more healthy way. I would repress feelings of anger and it would come out in rage towards my partner. My partner and I are planning to get married soon and every now and then we would have massive fights which affected us negatively. I really wanted to nip this in the butt at the start of the partnership. Also if we were ever to have children, I didn't want this to be an issue or for them to see us behaving in this manner.

The journey

Within the first session we had traced back to where these feelings came from and where the motto of 'My words and voice don't matter' came from. I was given a mantra to listen to for 21 days.

Over the next few sessions Oliver guided me in creating safe spaces for various inner children and past lives to say, do, release, resolve and receive what was needed.

I was guided into a basement to remove what didn't belong there and to a library to burn all the books and pages where I had stored self depriving beliefs. Cathartic.

For everything I let go of, I received a gift and these gifts I still feel strongly with me.

The star of wisdom in my crown chakra. Honey and gold; abundance, self belief and nourishment in my solar plexus. Fearlessness and courage in the depth of my womb space.

The outcome

Do I still have work to do? Yes.

Do I feel a shift? Yes.

For now, time to integrate and enjoy these gifts.

Thank you Oliver for your grace, care and compassion, as you guided me through these journeys. Deep bow of gratitude for your service. Thank you.


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