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My journey towards self love

How it started

My decision to start hypnotherapy stemmed from my ongoing commitment to healing. I have battled with poor mental health my entire life. I began to address and confront this in my adult years. Prior to attempting hypnotherapy, I fought constantly with myself and felt deep internal conflict and insecurity. I heavily relied upon medication, exercise and various distractions and accomplishments in order to feel a sense of peace and comfort. Despite “achieving” goals and staying afloat, I felt exhausted and burnt out constantly due to the stress of concealing and taming my negative thoughts and feelings. I began to unlock and better understand the root of my instability through psychiatric and spiritual guidance. The mechanisms I used to support myself improved my life to great extent but did not address the deeper conflict within. A close friend of mine had started hypnotherapy with Olivier and shared her experience with me- I was intrigued yet skeptical. Following a routine checkup with my psychiatrist, I expressed that I was still struggling with a deep sense of unease and worry. I felt trapped in my mind and inhibited by my fears and self-doubt. My psychiatrist recommended that attempting additional, alternative routes such as hypnotherapy as this may address underlying trauma. It was as a result of this that I decided to begin.

The journey

My intention was to address underlying feelings of inadequacy and cultivate self-love and acceptance. The suggestion developed with Olivier’s guidance was “I love and accept every part of myself and I feel comfortable with who I am”. This was an ambitious goal given my inability to resonate with this suggestion at the start of the journey. Nevertheless, over the course of the weeks of hypnotherapy sessions, I felt an uprooting of deep emotional pain and repressed unconscious beliefs about myself. The sessions enabled me to enter into a state of relaxation where I was then able to work on myself in a raw and open manner. Olivier guided me through the sessions, explaining what I should expect and counselling me throughout this journey. At first, I was very reluctant to commit and sought to retreat to my old ways. However, after a few sessions I was eager to see it through and began to experience deep shifts from within. I felt moments of uncertainty, followed by clarity and calm.

The outcome

The experience was life changing and something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Upon completion of the sessions, I have felt lighter and more at ease with myself. I have sought to connect deeper with those around me and have fallen in love with myself, accepting every aspect of myself. I let go of the pain, sadness and fear that was inhibiting my ability to grow and love. Close friends and family have commented on the significant change and shift in my energy and presence. They are amazed at my transformation with regards to the kindness I am able to provide to myself and others as a result of the experience. I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy with Olivier to anyone who feels as though they have been unable to access their most authentic and elevated life. Olivier is a remarkable individual with an incredible gift. I am eternally grateful to have had this experience and cannot begin to express how transformative it has been.


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