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Struggling with insecurity

I joined Olivier's hypnotherapy program at a very critical moment: my passion project was taking off but I felt quite insecure and had a massive imposter syndrome. I knew it was a repetitive pattern in my life and I needed someone to help me identify and resolve it.

A leap of faith

Hypnotherapy as a tool sounded a bit suspicious to me at first, a result of many stereotypes. I thought it was time to discover it and get my own opinion. Another important factor to make the plunge was Olivier's personality and reputation: he's an accomplished athlete and I really liked one of his signature workshops that I attended previously. So I have it a go.

The Therapy

What I really liked about working with Olivier throughout a few weeks was a sense of safety and full trust. Hypnotherapy puts you in a very vulnerable state and you have to be fully in to get the results. Olivier was very structured but also gentle, easy going, and always supportive.

The Results

I made some big breakthroughs translated into the decisions and actions with measurable results. I couldn't believe how my environment started changing and how I started attracting the right people and situations to my life - something we often call a coincidence and luck.


I am very grateful to Olivier for this profound work that is very result-oriented at the same time.


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