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A journey of self-improvement

I like Olivier’s coaching because he manages to explain in simple terms the essence and basic knowledge one needs to acquire to start the journey of self-improvement and transformation to reach higher goals.

What does the coaching look like ?

There is a bit of theory regarding some concepts of psychology, or rather brain science, that are important to grasp to reflect on our ways of processing information and thinking and I believe this observation and understanding are key. Otherwise Olivier’s method is really about a discussion and he is helping me to reflect and find the answers by myself along the way.

My reflexion on meditation

I particularly like the guided meditation program, which is really good because every meditation session is different and we are being invited to focus on a variety of methods whether it is body scanning, breathing observation, sound observation, heart and compassion meditations. With consistency you do feel some progress.

The take away

What I also appreciate is that Olivier is really taking the time during each session and I can see that his coaching is sincere and done through the heart. Because he has had prime experience for himself and his own performance about the methods, tools, findings that he is now sharing through coaching, it really gives you the trust and the confidence that this is genuine and he is the evidence that it works.


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