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Struggling with motivation and frustration

I met with Olivier early in 2020, after hearing him speak on The Wellness Doctors podcast. I was employed as an airline pilot in Hong Kong, and was struggling to find the motivation to continually improve.

The disruptive schedules and associated sleep deprivation often left me fatigued, and the resulting frustration was impacting upon my performance; I felt like I was on a treadmill, continually moving but not getting anywhere

Deciding to take the plunge

I was impressed with Olivier's enthusiasm for his work and also by his comprehensive approach to mental performance training. In that initial meeting, he pushed me to be specific about what it was I wanted to achieve, then sketched out a plan that would start with a 21 day meditation and mindfulness program followed by 10 weeks of one-on-one sessions, tailored specifically to my goals. I appreciated that he incorporated science and methodology into his approach, and was hopeful that he could guide me to achieve better results.

The coaching

The meditation program was very helpful in teaching me how to quieten my mind, and engage greater concentration through the exercises laid out during the course; I'll admit to being sceptical at first, as my previous attempts at meditation haven't stuck, but after three weeks of practice I came to understand and appreciate the benefits, and I felt better prepared for the sessions to follow. Through a series of tasks and lessons, Olivier challenged me to learn and understand more about: how to perform consistently, regardless of external factors, by focusing on the specifics of the task at hand; ways in which to direct my thinking to quickly obtain the outcome I wanted whilst shutting out peripheral distractions; utilising tools such as a visualisation, self hypnosis and breathing techniques to regulate the stress response; Cognitive Distortion, and strategies to mitigate its effects; finding a flow state, the sweet spot where focus is absolute, you are beyond distraction and a heightened state of control comes readily; reviewing my values, beliefs and potential, which in turn helped me to define my roles, responsibilities and expectations; the concept of mental banking and employing the dopamine hit to your advantage.

The Results

Following completion of my training with Olivier, I was asked by a friend whether I thought the course had been a good investment, and what I had gained from the experience. I replied that the immediate effect was a noticeable improvement in positivity and motivation. I'd always enjoyed learning, but felt that I had begun to plateau and my performance was below the personal goals I had set for myself. Training with Olivier reminded me that I held full control over my own conduct, and that many of the skills and resources I would need to produce a successful outcome were innate, but to optimise them we must continue to learn, and practice. By the end of the course, I was finding new and creative ways to manage problems and challenges that are an ongoing part of my work, and my approach was less constrained. Importantly, I had gained a renewed confidence in my ability to struggle and improve, and an appreciation for the added resilience that gave me.

The take away

I set out to work with Olivier with no preconceptions of what I expected to learn; all I hoped for was some guidance on improving mental performance. What I took away from the course was a well-developed set of skills that I can apply to any situation I find myself in, and an enhanced knowledge base upon which I continue to build. I have no hesitation in recommending Olivier's services, and I remain grateful to him for guiding me to a better understanding of just how powerful the mind can be, and how under-utilised it is!


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