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Clinical hypnotherapy can typically resolves your issue within 2 to 6 weeks. 

My name is Olivier Courret, welcome to my page.

Learn how hypnosis works and book a free consultation.

  • Master in Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing 

    • Worlverhampton University (UK)

  • Certified Clinical hypnotherapist 

    • EKAA Integrated clinical Hypnotherapy​

    • IDMHA certified (international dental and medical hypnosis association)

    • HKGHP registered (Hong kong guild of hypnotherapists and psychotherapists )

    • AHA (American Hypnosis Association) professional member

    • Certified specialist in Hypnosis & PTSD (AHA)

    • Certified specialist in pre & post surgery Hypnosis (AHA)

  • Certified NLP master practitioner (SNLP, IBNLP, ABNLP)

  • Team-CBT certified therapist

  • Certified Meditation instructor 

  • 3 times Triathlon Asian champion


Olivier is a certified Clinical hypnotherapist , a SNLP certified Neuro Linguistic master, a certified meditation instructor and CBT certified therapist

Olivier will propose a personalised treatment as unique as you so you can get the results you want. 

What is clinical hypnotherapy and how it can help you ?

Hypnotherapy is a very fast and efficient way to solve your issue. We address the root cause through the subconscious mind. 

Clinical hypnotherapy is science based therapy used by many medical and health professionals.

Clinical hypnotherapy uses an altered state of consciousness called hypnosis to identify the subconscious root of an issue. 

Once identified, the therapist guides the client to reconstruct the memory and change the emotional association and conclusion that created the undesired state. 

Frequently asked questions 

Will i loose control ?

You don't loose control and in fact Hypnosis is an efficient way to free yourself from what is controlling you. You are always aware and fully focus during a session.


What if i can't be hypnotised ?

In fact we all go through a natural hypnotic state a few times a day.

So the chance is really high it is something you have already experienced.

In fact the therapist creates the condition for this state to happen but it only happens if you allow it and you can exit the state anytime as you are always conscious.

We simply induce this state to help you to access your subconscious mind and then we work from there.

How many sessions does it take ? 

It can varie from 1 to 9 sessions for more complex cases but you start noticing transformation very rapidly. 

Hypnotherapy is an extremely efficient and proven modality to change beliefs and behaviours. Discuss with Olivier and see what program can help you. 

“I can honestly say that this kind of life-affirming therapy has changed my outlook, how I feel about myself, and how I feel about my journey.”
"Olivier is a great hypnotherapist. He is professional, patient, understanding and really wants to help. I learned a lot of valuable things from my sessions with him, and he always makes me feel at ease. I would strongly recommend him"
"Mind your brain program and Olivier's guidance were a revolution in my sport practice at the highest level.

How hypnotherapy can help ? 


Hypnosis is a very fast and efficient way to get the transformation you are looking for. It typically takes only 2 to 6 weeks to solve your issue when more traditional therapies can take months or even years. 

Here is why : 

90% of our activity is governed by our subconscious mind.

We receive every second 11 million bits of data from our 5 senses but we can only process a tiny portion (40 bits) at conscious level. 

The brain therefore develops complex subconscious mechanisms to process this information. These subconscious mechanisms are extremely resilient and therefore really hard to change consciously.

Once you learn how to ride a bike, it is hard to forget isn't it ?

It the same for a behaviour, a habit or coping mechanism. 


Struggling with a habit, a behaviour, emotion management etc is the consequence of a friction between a conscious desire and a subconscious mechanism.


This mechanism is the result of outdated subconscious learnings, unresolved traumas or limiting childhood associations. 

They are hard to spot consciously because we look back at a situation with the mind, knowledge and wisdom of the adult of today. But back when it happened, it looked and felt very different. 


Also, in a strange way, an unwanted behaviour is serving you within a certain context (for example a lack a confidence will urge you to prepare better, pay attention to details and be vigilant to risk).

This is why it is so difficult to change because we subconsciously hold on to the benefits.


A transformation requires to understand the symptoms, the subconscious benefits and associations behind the mechanism.


By working at a deeper level through hypnosis and NLP, you address the root causes and create a fast and permanent change. 

You will feel like a new, refreshed, optimised version of you. 

Hypnotherapy goes beyond managing symptoms.

It provide a deep transformation by working on the subconscious roots, changing the emotional response and providing a personalised guidance to help you achieve your goals.

My expertise : 
Habit & behaviour change
Performance enhancement
Procrastination & Self sabotage
Self confidence
Self esteem 
Anxiety disorder 
Panic disorder
Mood and emotion management
Sleep disorder 
Fear and Phobia 
Psychological wellbeing 
Psychosomatic pains & ailments 
Surgery preparation & healing
“The experience was life changing and something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”
“Not only am I now aware but was as well able to let my beliefs and those unnecessary feelings go.”
“Close friends and family have commented on the significant change and shift in my energy and presence.”
“[Olivier] helped me unlock the answers within myself to find peace and to heal my ‘inner child’. He helped me find ‘me’.”
“I couldn't believe how my environment started changing and how I started attracting the right people and situations to my life.”

Olivier is also has been trained in Neuro Linguistic programming by Peter Freeth (one of most acclaimed trainers and one of only 6 SNLP master trainer in the world). Olivier is a certified NLP master by the SNLP, IBNLP and IHNLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a study of the relationship between our mind, our language and our habitual patterns of behaviour.


As a NLP master Olivier uses NLP essentially as a tool to enable you to update these latent operating rules so that you can let go of beliefs that no longer serve you and adapt to an exciting and ever changing world.


There is a tendency to hold on to our old patterns. 

This subconscious resistance exists because despite the undesired outcome they feel familiar and our brain prefers what is familiar to the unknown. 

The first step towards your transformation is to take a conscious decision to change by scheduling a consultation.

One small step in the direction of your conscious desire to change. 

If you are not ready yet, that's ok.  Everyone's pace and journey is different. But if you are hesitating or scared, have a look at this video. 

I am there for you when you are ready. 

Meanwhile i want to help you through your journey by inviting you to join my free class by clicking here


But if you are ready to take a step.  Schedule your consultation now. (don't worry you can also join the free class when you schedule your consultation).

i am looking forward to talking to you soon on zoom or in person. 


"I am eternally grateful to have had this experience and cannot begin to express how transformative it has been."
"Thank you Oliver for your grace, care and compassion, as you guided me through these journeys. "
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