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Resolving Complex trauma

Complex Trauma is a debilitating condition to live with. I was desperately searching for healing. Over the last couple of years I had tried every type of therapy even flying to the States for it. Nothing helped, I felt stuck in a negative space. I felt I was on a hamster wheel of fear.

Starting a new chapter with hypnotherapy

Olivier gave me the gift of starting a new chapter in my life. Through his Hypno therapy and his non-judgemental and clear open questions he helped me unlock the answers within myself to find peace and to heal my ‘inner child’. He helped me find ‘me’.

Inside the therapy

During one of our earliest sessions, I remember getting to the session shaking and traumatized from a nightmare I had the previous night. He patiently and emphateticly helped we work through the feelings of panic and fear. Within an hour I felt more in control of myself and the outside triggers had less power over my mental stability. I felt an inner peace. As the sessions went on, week by week, I felt my inner self become more stable, my nightmares became less frequent to the point that they stopped.


For the first time I started feeling at peace. My moods stabilized, I started enjoying life even though my external situation had not changed, I chose to change myself.

I am in deep gratitude and feel so fortunate to have experience hypno therapy with Olivier. His gentle and kind demeanor was supportive in my healing process.

I am grateful to have been under you care.



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