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you deserve to free yourself

and start living in alignement with your full inner potential 

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Performance

Mental Wellbeing


Are you struggling to change a behaviour, a thought pattern or your emotions ?

If you are reading this page you are probably not getting the answer you need. 

Traditional psychotherapy can take very long and trying to make change by yourself feel frustrating.  

If you are ready to go beyond managing symptoms and receive care that genuinely helps, simply schedule a free consultation now. 

In this video,  part of our free live online session. you will learn :


1- how our behaviour get formed 

2- what is emotional learning 

3- how and why clinical hypnotherapy provides permanent transformation 

4- Bonus meditation from 26.21

What is clinical hypnotherapy and how it can help you ?

Hypnotherapy is often mistaken with stage hypnosis. It is not what we do.

Clinical hypnotherapy is science based therapy used by many medical and health professionals.

Clinical hypnotherapy uses an altered state of consciousness called hypnosis to identify the subconscious root of an issue. 

Once identified, the therapist guides the client to reconstruct the memory and change the emotional association and conclusion that created the undesired state. 

  • Behaviour change 

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Fear and phobia

  • Self confidence & Self esteem

  • Self image

  • Insomnia

  • Weight management

  • Mood swing


Schedule a free consultation to discuss your goal


Start your personalised therapy plan


Resolve the friction and increase your wellbeing

Frequently asked questions 


Will i loose control ?

You don't loose control and in fact Hypnotherapy is an efficient way to free yourself from what is controlling you. You are always aware and fully focus during a session.


I am a bit scared to be hypnotised 

In fact we all go through a natural hypnotic state a few times a day.

So the chance is really high it is something you have already experienced.

In fact the therapist creates the condition for this state to happen but it only happens if you allow it and you can exit the state anytime as you are always conscious.

We simply induce this state to help you to access your subconscious mind and then we work from there.

How many sessions does it take ? 

It can varie from 1 session for a clearly identified fear to 9 sessions for more complex cases but you start noticing transformation very rapidly. 

Hypnotherapy is an extremely efficient and proven modality to change beliefs and behaviours. 

Don't take my words for granted and rather read the testimonial below

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